Copy Certification

In Texas, a notary public can certify a copy of certain documents. Documents for which certified copies are sometimes required include diplomas, awards, licenses, permits, powers of attorney, contracts, adoption documents, and passports.

However, if a copy of the document can be obtained from a Clerk and Recorder or other official agency in Colorado (such as a birth or death certificate, a transcript from a public school or university, or a certificate of naturalization), a notary public can not certify it. For copies of these documents, contact the agency that issued the original document.

If you would like me to certify a copy of a document for you, please follow these steps:

1. Make two exact copies of the document. If you can wait until I arrive so I can watch the copies being made, that’s even better.

2. Fill out a written request for a copy certification.
Click here to download the request form:
– Request for Certified Copy (Word document)
– Request for Certified Copy (PDF)