What do you need

What You Need

To make sure the notarization process goes smoothly, please be sure you have these items when I arrive to serve you:

The document to be notarized. Usually, the document will have a pre-printed notarial certificate at the bottom for me to fill in. If your document does not already include this certificate, you may wish to ask the organization or agency to which you’re submitting the document exactly what type of notarization is needed. The two most common types of notarization are an oath and an acknowledgment.

A current identification card for the person signing the document, issued by a federal or state government entity. The ID must contain a photograph and the person’s signature. A Colorado driver’s license or ID card, a U.S. passport, or U.S. military ID are the best forms of identification, but in some cases a driver’s license from another state, a foreign passport, or a permanent resident card or visa may be acceptable. For more information about ID requirements, click here.